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      COMMUNITY QUESTION: What recipes do you need the most?   01/09/2017

      Hey all, We are working on more recipes to add to our recipe section each and every month. What recipes do you need more of? I've started a thread to get your comments and recipe requests right here:   


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    • Alida  »  Jennifer

      Happy Birthday, Jennifer! What are you doing to celebrate? Hope you are well
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    • Alida  »  tinamarie515

      Happy Birthday, Tina! The Team at Beyond FODMAPs wishes you all the best
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    • ericawernick@gmail.com

      I've been on the FODMAP diet for almost 2 weeks now! I'm not really feeling better yet, but I love how disciplined I've been about eating 2-3 hours apart. It's helping me make better choices of what to eat.
      Last night I went to a networking event and I ended up staying MUCH longer than I anticipated. I was there for over 4 hours, and had white wine. I was concerned that I wasn't eating anything (the food there wasn't diet friendly except 1 slice of cheese), so I decided to cheat. I felt it was important to get food in my system, especially because I didn't want to be hungover today. So i cheated. The only food they had left were cupcakes. So I ate a cupcake. That, of course was not filling, so I totally stopped at Chick fil A and got a chicken sandwich and fries (it was 11pm at night). 
      I know these were bad decisions, and it was the first time I cheated at all, but I felt I had no other options and HAD to eat.
      Anyway, my stomach was a mess this morning! Do I have to completely start the 4-6 weeks over again? Or just keep going with the diet and see how I feel?
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    • Egadams11  »  Stephanie

      Hi Stephane,I'm having trouble accessing the probiotics section in classes. The links do not seem to work. thanks
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    • ericawernick@gmail.com

      Epic Fail.... I decided to start the low FODMAP diet this past week, and it went miserably. I had my cousin in town visiting, so my normal routine was thrown off. We ate out a lot, and it was also Passover. 
      So, I'm starting over tomorrow! I'm taking Stephanie's grocery store list with me to the grocery store, so I can better prepare. 
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