Classes & Workshops

Learn diet changes and other strategies to better manage symptoms and be well

What You’ll Learn In Body ReConnect:

  • How your digestive system works
  • About digestive conditions and diseases
  • How to keep a food & symptom journal, the right way
  • How to assess your food journal and make changes so you can experience continued improvement

What You’ll Learn In Figuring Out FODMAPs:

  • All About the Low FODMAP diet
  • How FODMAPs triggers symptoms
  • What foods to include and what to avoid
  • How to cook, eat out, and shop Low FODMAP

What You’ll Learn In Digestive Reset:

  • How to eat well for digestion
  • Behaviours that improve digestion
  • All about alcohol and how it can trigger symptoms
  • The truth about fibre and fluid and how it affects you 

What You’ll Learn In Bring It Back:

  • Why you must re-introduce FODMAPs
  • How to follow a specific plan to challenge each FODMAP category
  • Exact foods & serving sizes to identify your FODMAP tolerance & intolerance levels
  • The Step-by-Step Challenge Phase

What You’ll Learn In Relaxed Reintroduction:

  • Why you must expand your diet and reintroduce FODMAPs
  • How to follow a more gradual, casual approach to bringing FODMAPs back
  • What you can learn from “cheating” on your Low FODMAP diet
  • Strategies to minimize symptoms if/when they occur with trigger foods

What You’ll Learn In Identify Your Triggers:

  • The two step process to correctly identify triggers
  • Why improving symptoms is critical to trigger identification
  • Potential triggers to consider including food, behaviours and the mind
  • The role of reintroduction in trigger identification

What You’ll Learn In Holiday Hosting:

  • How to plan and organize an event or holiday that considers your needs
  • What to prep the day before to lighten the day-of load
  • Strategies to keep you feeling well for the day-of your event
  • A meal plan for the event day to keep you energized, happy and symptom-free

What You’ll Learn In SIBO Guest Interview:

  • What is SIBO? 
  • What are the Symptoms and Potential Causes?
  • How to Test and Treat SIBO?
  • Next steps if you want to move forward with testing and/or individual support for SIBO management



In this class you’ll learn the diffferences between IBS-C & IBS-D and various dietary and other strategies to incoroporate into your plan to achieve better, more regular bowel movements.


Guest Interview with Natasha Haskey, RD probiotic researcher and expert dietitian. Discussion and review of probiotics, and their use with digestive health conditions.


In this class you’ll learn about how to heal the gut after a flare up from crohn’s, colitis, diverticulitis, SIBO or any other digetive disorder that leaves you inflammed and uncomfortable.


In this class you’ll learn key strategies for travelling while following the Low FODMAP diet and for other dietary restrictions.


Guest Interview with allergy expert Wendy Busse, RD. Discussion on various potential food allergies, symptoms and testing.


In this class you’ll learn the how to follow the Low FODMAP diet along with eating vegetarian and vegan diets in order to achieve variety and consider nutrients that may be missing.